Angel In You

Never did I believe that I would ever really see,

A beautiful soul like yours exist, one hard to resist.

Not a moment too soon did you enter into my life.

Taking my mind’s room, clearing it all of its strife.

I saw it, knew it, the exact moment in time our eyes locked.

Forever since then my whole world has been rocked.

Left my past where it belonged, something on my own I couldn’t do.

In the very moment we met, and I first saw the angel in you.

A sight to behold, as it wasn’t what I was expecting.

But glad you were there that instant, that very second.

As the world resonated your beauty, the Lord’s glory did shine.

Both our pasts filled with hurt, yet His work in you began to heal mine.

I heard your voice and knew I would always smile at the sound.

Now I can’t imagine a world without you by my side, always around.

I searched so long to find the missing piece of falling in love, had no clue.

But that changed the moment we met, that moment I saw the angel in you.

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