That Night

It must have been raining indoors I thought.

“No wait, that’s just my tears flooding my face again.”

There I was, broken.

The grind of life having gotten to me.

Emotionally, mentally, physically, it had me beaten.

I had cried my eyes out before, but this would be different.

This time I raised my voice towards Him.

Pleaded to release me of the agony.

The sadness.

The hopelessness.

The path I kept wandering without a clue of how to escape.

A make-shift water pillow caressing my head countless times in life.

But this time, this time was different.

He heard me.

The sincerity in my pain.

The love in my heart.

The surrendering of my soul.

The calm before the storm is an expression in life.

For me though, on that night, it was the opposite.

After months of the same storm, there was a sudden calmness.

Nearly 8 years later, and here I am the happiest I’ve been in life.

Now, there are still things in life that I yearn for.

The ability to share my heart and soul with somebody and vice-versa.

The joy of going through life with them, making memories throughout.

Still though, He heard me.

He’s guided me.

He’s strengthened me through my darkest days.

He’s sustained me with grace, mercy, and love.

All in the same I suppose.

Now, I’ve fallen multiple times since, but nobody stands through it all.

The Lord saved me, and I can never be any more grateful.

People, moments, hope all abound around me.

I see beauty like never before and it all started back on that night.

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