My Testimony (Baptism 4/14/13)

It was June 7th that I got my license. Those who know me know that I

haven’t used it since that day. June 17th was the date that I graduated high

school. Which despite what age my sisters think this facial hair makes me

look like, it was only nine years ago. So, seeing that I had June 7th and June

17th down in the momentous occasion department, a part of me always felt

that June 27th would be a day of significance as well. I was right. Only, it

wasn’t the day I’d be married or the day I’d have my first child as I thought

it would be. Instead, it was bigger. For it was the day I reconciliated with my

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. See, months prior, my aunt passed away,

which really bothered me, and on top of that, my back pain had reached its

peak. I was getting worn out mentally and physically. Then, in the early

morning on June 27th, while lying in bed, filled with anger, anguish, and

emptiness, I broke down. I surrendered. I began praying for mercy,

forgiveness and healing. Moments later, a sense of happiness engulfed me

and when I awoke hours later, my pain had diminished dramatically. The

Lord heard me. Days later, on the suggestion of my cousin, I attended this

church for the first time. I’ve since began giving my everlasting thanks and

praise to my Lord and Savior for my family, my health, and His everlasting

love for me. I thank all of you for accepting me into your church family and

thank you for listening.

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