Ch.7: Loving and Living Life

I kissed her on her forehead as she laid there asleep. I tried falling asleep myself, but with my decision to tell her that I love her on my mind, I just couldn’t. When I finally did it was already about 1 in the morning. When I awoke around 6, she wasn’t by my side. I called her name and she responded, “in the kitchen.” I could smell bacon and eggs frying and the coffee brewing. She was making me breakfast. As a guest at my place, she was making me breakfast, I couldn’t believe it. I got up and headed over to the kitchen and gave her a kiss on the cheek as I wrapped my arms around her. “Hey, I know we’re exclusive now, and even though we both agreed last night that we’re certain with one another, I’m still a bit worried to tell you what I’m about to tell you.” I said. “What is it?” She asked as she set the table for us. “Well, I’ve never felt this way about anybody this quickly, but I’m sure that it’s how I feel.” I said. “I love you.” I admitted. “She came up to me and said that she thinks it’s so sweet that I was scared to say it so early, but that I had nothing to worry about, because she thought about it too. “I love you too.” She told me before kissing me. I took her hand and we sat down at the table for breakfast. Afterwards, with neither one of us scheduled to work that day, we agreed to run some ideas pass each other concerning where we go from here. “Is it too soon to bring up maybe living together?” she asked. What do you have in mind? I asked. “Me moving in with you, or you with me? “I was thinking we get a new place and make it our home.” She suggested. “I mean my lease is coming up soon and you said that living on this side of town has gotten burdensome with the distance to everywhere, so why not look for a new place and it’ll give us some time to get things in order, find a place, and not rush into it in case either one of us starts doubting. She added. “I’m not doubting. Are you?” I asked. “Of course not, I suggested it, but it is a big step that even though we both feel ready for, doesn’t have to be an overnight transition.” She said. Always thinking, it’s one of the things I love about her. “Okay, then it’s settled, we’re moving in together when we can find the right place.” I said. She jumped out of her chair and gave me a hug and a kiss in excitement. “We’re going to live together!”, “I know, I can’t wait.” We kissed again and went about our day.

            Later in the day as I worked on an editorial, she came up to me and asked if she could read some of my work as she hadn’t yet read any since we started dating. “You want to read my work?” I asked. “Yeah. Or do you not like letting people read it before it’s complete?” She asked. “No, it’s not that, it’s just that nobody ever asks if they can read my stuff.” I said with a chuckle. I handed her a piece I wrote a couple weeks prior to meeting her. She took it and sat on the couch. She started laughing a bit at some of the quips I added in the piece. “You’re so funny sweetie.” She told me. She loved it. “It’s really good, you’re very on point with everything you wrote and when I read it, I felt like you were talking right at me and not like some distant writer.” She said. “Thank you. It’s what I’ve always been told about my approach in writing and public speaking, that I’m very natural in making the audience feel comfortable. That night after dinner, we sat on the couch to watch some television when an ad for a tropical resort played. “That place is so nice, it’s everything they claim it to be.” She said. “You’ve been there?” I asked. “Yeah, I went a few years ago with my friends for one of their birthdays.” “Is it cheap?” I asked. “Yeah, it’s actually very affordable considering how nice it is, it seems too good to be true, but it is.” She claimed. “Let’s go then.” I suggested. She looked up at me as she laid her head on my lap and asked if I was serious. “Yeah, I mean we have enough money to go and still have for a place when we come back, we can go and get out of this weather. Plus, I’ve always been intrigued by a resort. The water, the sun, the sand, it all looks so relaxing.” I said. “Okay. Let’s go then.” We’ll call it our “christening trip” as a couple.” She said. “I like that, a christening trip, that’s clever” I told her. It was settled, we agreed it’d be fun and started planning it. We booked the trip a couple days later and got our schedule in order to make it happen. We were on our way to a resort as part of our “Christening trip.” We were in love and living life to the fullest with no hesitation or doubt that we were building a life that we were both committed to very much.

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