Wandering Into A Wonderful World

Wandering into a wonderful world with the beginning of our little faction.

A world full of love letters, romantic gestures, nights of passion.

Yeah, this world where even if I was blind there’d be a visual attraction.

This world with you as my all. My one and only to love forever.

A world full of late-night conversations, warm embraces, never to say never.

Yeah, this world where even if I was deaf, you’d be the sweetest sound ever.

Never saw this coming.

Didn’t think this is where I’d be 9 months after the start.

How could I have seen this coming?

I went in not knowing what would become of my heart.

Then I saw you.

That was the beginning of all the spinning that my mind did in hopes of winning you over.

My mind wandered into a wonderful world that didn’t exist before.

Never would exist being the way I was.

What am I going to do with these thoughts now though? These feelings I have for you.

You look at me and my mind wonders.

My imagination, every emotion, get the best of me.

I look at you and my mind wanders.

Into the abyss of the false reality it’s made up.

Where this dream of us being together is the reality.

Every word, every second, every day is just setting myself up for the hard truth that awaits.

Every matter, every length, every way is just making it worst for when my heart finally breaks.

I just must keep going and in time perhaps I’ll be able to move on or perhaps something else.

Sometimes in life, you know how something is going to end, but still, we find a way to enjoy the ride.

All this confusion lies in loving what you’ve brought into my life with just being who you’ve always been.

Yeah, I wandered into this wonderful world where you exist, and I never want to leave it.

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