Another Day

Another day without your presence near me

Bringing my soul to a down-trodden state.

Coping with the fact that I can’t decide when it’ll be,

No, I can’t change the course taken by time’s fate.

Your voice is music that my ears love to hear.

Your eyes are nutrition for my sight.

Your sweetness cures all the saltiness from my tears.

Your love is for what I choose to fight.

To see you every day, my joy would be revitalized.

Knowing that my dream would always be right before my very eyes.

Hope and prayers are all I can use to combat this feeling.

So, Lord help me, for my love is what my dream has been stealing.

Not that I mind because I wouldn’t want any other to be doing so.

She’s the one, yes, you’re the one, that makes these loving feelings go.

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