My Winter’s Tale

Running away from me and leaving me with this incredible sensation,

Was what The Temptations sang about in Just My Imagination.

Picturing us is what my mind usually tends to do.

Every talk has me realizing how easy it’d be to love you.

Side by side with a twist that we’ve never felt before.

Hoping that day comes when I see you on the other side of my door.

For every time I get to see you, I always smile.

Since that very first conversation from back awhile.

Even through just the first six weeks, I already knew.

I had found one of my muses for my work, that was you.

My feelings are growing for you, but what shall I do?

Let us have a conversation on it and find what is true.

It’d be crazy to say I’m in love, but I really do care.

I want you in my life, I can admit that without being scared.

When I see your face, I know losing you would hurt my existence.

But I hope it’s not the case, especially since I’d fight it with all my resistance.

Whether it’s your smirk, your kindness, or that soft sounding voice,

My mind has them playing on a loop, with my heart set to rejoice.

Hoping and praying that one day you become an option for me to pursue.

Until then I wait to see if the Lord brings you to me so I can finally truly love you.

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