Not Getting Easier

It’s not getting easier, never will without you.

I know I must, but all I have inside doesn’t want to.

You have me hooked my beautiful friend,

Caused my heart to skip a beat once again.

May have to see a doctor as it’s now a trend.

Oh, how I want this life without you to come to an end.

Your beauty is reshaping the entire mold.

I’ll wait as long as I must, even if its ‘til I’m grey and old.

For you to be the one next to me at night that I get to hold.

To be the man that hugs you to keep you warm when you’re cold.

For making you smile always lights me up inside.

And these feelings are getting harder to hide.

They’re making my respect for boundaries harder to abide by.

I hope we can be together, even if it takes a bit to be.

Only hope in time that someday you feel that way for me.

But even if not, I’ll always hold you dear deep within.

Cuz this sensation makes me want to break my rules; all of them.

It’s not getting easier for me to keep hope alive and pray for us to exist.

But it’s what needs to be done even if time continues to resist.

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