Living in a world full of restrictions,

So here I am trying to avoid another extinction.

And I refuse to keep going underneath all this friction.

Having to deal with our friendship under their jurisdiction.

While others may just look beyond and just deal.

I rather find a world where time isn’t necessary to steal.

Because what we have is a piece of me that gives me something real.

And things like that don’t just come and go, not what I think, but feel.

You mean more to me than the rules put in place.

I love the rush I get every time I get to see your face.

Even just a glimpse has me running up-front as if I’m in a race.

Trying to soak up the time around you, trying to do so without any haste.

Living in a world full of restrictions.

So here I am telling you that my love is one of my convictions.

I only say this because what we have is my new addiction.

And I refuse for this world to unleash all its’ interdiction.

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