Every Talk

A blessed feeling it’s been finding somebody who’s been good company on a consistent basis.

Somebody who always makes me smile with a genuineness that is very contagious.

To think I stood nearby for months on end not sure if I should have said anything.

Looking back, it was time wasted that could have been used to have gained a friend.

And although nobody told me that when I approached you that my world would change.

Or how my mind would run through the gauntlet of joy and its entire range,

I feel grateful that I did go up to you and put an end to us speaking being something strange.

Every talk is becoming a memory of a friendship blossoming, or so I hope.

Sharing smiles, laughs, and making work a whole lot easier with in which to cope.

Now I tend to grow an attachment to many I come across, perhaps to a fault at times.

But with you I don’t feel any doubt that we click, and every talk proves it in my mind.

And age is a bit of a difference between you and me, but that only makes it more unique.

Like taking a random array of flowers and making them into a beautiful boutique.

Never thought you’d be one of my favorites to confide in, it’s become common for me to do.

As here I am months later, and I honestly don’t know what in the world work would be like without you.

Fun would’ve been harder to come by, as many days would have gone by with no cherished thought.

But thankfully, I won’t ever have to wonder that, as we have built a special bond with every talk.

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