In The Rain

Pouring rain setting the scene for a romantic kiss.

It’s like a movie with a moment filled of total bliss.

Her lips so soft; my heart racing the entire time.

My hands on her face, finally the girl I’ve tried to find.

I’ll love her without a hesitation, not one single doubt.

Together we kiss, before I proclaim my love with a shout.

Raindrops dripping down our faces along with our tears.

Life can bring all it has, because together we have no fears.

“I love you, for now and forever” I tell her as the rain continues to fall.

“I love you too.” she responds while embracing me. “I’ll give you my all.”

Mother nature drenches us with seemingly all the rain she can bring.

But my love and I aren’t shaken, for the rain just caused our love to spring.

Together and in love we head on home, no more questioning our future.

I have her love, she has mine; life united will be beautiful, of that I’m sure.

We poured our love out like the skies above poured out every raindrop.

We won’t dry up when the sun shines though for our love won’t ever stop.

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