Every time that I see her, I notice that she’s more beautiful than I thought she was before.

Every time that I talk to her I find out more about her and fall for her even more.

But her heart is with somebody else right now and who knows if anyone else’s ever again.

Having to live life with my feelings inside, being good right now with just being a friend.

Always thinking about how I want to be the main reason each day that she smiles.

Always wanting to see a future with her with all my love in those ever so gorgeous eyes.

Dreaming one day it’ll be me who she speaks about with love in her voice to others around.

Praying that if that day does come, our connected souls and our love are eternally bound.

It’s her that I want to be a part of my whole life, the usual storyline crossing my mind.

A game it’s playing with my heart as well, and to be honest, it’s winning every time.

About the Author Mr. Boza

The summer of 2019 was when I decided to no longer go through life holding my feelings, my thoughts, and my emotions contained within. I needed a change in life and since I made that decision, life has been so much more liberating. Nowadays my writing helps me express myself in a way that allows me to feel whatever it is that I'm thinking or feeling or even yearning for, pour out and not consume me from within. My work is simple to read, simple to understand, and hopefully is the type of writing that makes someone smile when they read it. Enjoy.

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