Friendly Morning

“Good Morning, how are you doing today?” She asks.

“A lot better now that I see you’re here.” He responds.

“Stop it. You came up with that yourself?” She asks.

“Yeah. Been waiting for the right girl to use it on for some time.” He replies.

She laughs.

“It’s unique, complimentary, and most of all, it’s true.” He explains.

“So I’m the right girl?” She asks.

“Yep. Can’t think of anyone better.” He answers.

“Well, it’s not great, but, it’s not terrible. You do you.” She says.

“Speaking of doing me…No, I’m just playing.” He jokes.

Her jaw drops in mild disbelief.

“No you didn’t. You’re crazy.” She laughs.

“For you, yes, 100%. Clinically though, no.” He quips.

She laughs.

He smiles.

They share a stare.




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