What It’s Like

He sees her and approaches her.

He asks, “You know that feeling we use to have as kids when we’d wake up on Christmas?”

“Yeah. Waking up and running towards the Christmas tree so I could open my presents.” She responds.

“Well, I feel the same way every time that I see you.” He says.

She smiles and says “That’s so sweet.” “I can’t believe you think that.”

“You’re the best part of waking up each and every day.” He says.

“The thought of seeing you, talking to you, or even just the thought of looking into those gorgeous eyes of yours always excites my soul.” He adds.

“You sure have a way with words.” She says.

“Well, if I have inspiration or in this case, conviction of what I’m feeling and saying, the words just come together easily.” He says.

“So, what is it that you’re feeling right now that we’re talking?” She asks.

“Right now?” He asks.

“Right now, I’m feeling really good because we’re talking, but as I look into those eyes, I realize that I can’t stop thinking about what a life with you would be like.” He says.

“With me? Like being in love with me?” She asks.

“No. I’m already in love with you. Just thinking what life would be like if you loved me.” He says.

“Like this.” She says as she gets closer.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“Showing you what life would be like.” She says before kissing him.

“Exactly as I imagined it.” He says before kissing her back.




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