Ch.5: Few Days

That kiss was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever experienced. Her lips were softer than I could’ve imagined. And the feeling inside that I got, my goodness, was it a rush. I found my dream woman and our first kiss sealed the deal for me. Now, I know what most guys would’ve wanted to happen after that kiss, but I’m more of a take it slow kind of guy when it comes to intimacy. I’ll fall in love in a instant as was the case with her, but intimacy is a huge deal in a true meaningful relationship in which I wanted this to become, so after we kissed for bit, we talked some more before she left. I walked her outside and waited for a cab to pick her up in the rain. With a light drizzle falling and the misty street nearly empty, we locked eyes before she got in the cab and kissed one more time. “Tonight was absolutely amazing.” she said. “Only way I saw it turning out with you.” I responded. “I’ll call you tomorrow before I head for work, I promise.” she told me. “I can’t wait.” I said. Another quick kiss and she got in the cab. As I watched the cab drive down the street I still felt her kiss on my lips; loved it. That night was a great start for us and trying to make this something special. The next morning I woke up, made some breakfast and checked my phone. She had left me a message about an hour earlier. When I opened it, I was bummed to find out that she had been asked to fly to New Orleans for a conference by one of the doctors in her hospital, and that she had to leave right away and wouldn’t return for a few days. “I was hoping to see you again tomorrow night, but I have to go to New Orleans for a few days for this conference” read the message. “I’ll text you if I get the chance, as these things get really busy and I’ll probably have a lot to do.” “I’ll miss you though.” she added. I texted her back and told her that I would miss her too. As I tried to figure what my weekend was going to be like now that she was going to be out of the equation, I decided that I would surprise her at the airport and pick her up. Very movie type stuff, but I didn’t care. It would be a sweet gesture and show her that I’ll do whatever it takes just to see her the moment she returned.

As for the weekend, well, I called up my brothers to see if they wanted to hang out. That night, as I spent time with them and told them all about her. How she was the one I’ve been looking for, and how she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. “She’s in New Orleans for a conference, but I’m going to pick her up from the airport as a surprise, what do you guys think?” I asked. “Go for it.” “If she means that much to you already, then go for it, but just keep in mind that it might be a bit much for her.” one said. “Yeah, she may have had a great night and really like you, but she might think you’re moving too fast.” The other added. “I know I’ve had the tendency to fall in love quickly before, but this time I feel the sentiment back.” “I appreciate you guys voicing your honest opinions, but I already made my mind up and I’m going through with it.” I told them. “I just wanted to see what you guys thought.” I added. “That’s fine, you do you bro. I hope it goes well.” one said.

So the few days went by and she wasn’t able to text me but once to tell me that she was as busy as she thought she’d be, but that she was going straight to my place when she got off the plane. That touched me right in the heart to know she was so eager to see me. I knew right there that my decision to pick her up was going to really hit the mark. The night she was set to return, I bought a bouquet of white daffodils, her favorite, to make the gesture more romantic. Her plane landed and I waited to see her. This was going to be the most daring gesture I’d ever attempted for someone, but I was ready.

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