Another Home

The only place I’ve ever known.

The same old thoughts always overblown.

No use in getting frustrated again.

Numbness set in long ago anyway my friend.

Hurting is no longer an option in my case.

Can you tell by this expression I own on my face?

It’s not about self-pity or playing the victim.

Just a lesson learned that’s become a conviction.

The tears have been drained by history already.

So my mind can rest, yes it can live rock steady.

It’s the way my world has shaped itself.

Yeah, every thought, every word, every ounce of my health.

Leaving me stranded in a mild mannered state.

Truth be told though, it’s not something I hate.

A sense of boldness, strength, and a lack of fear.

All engulfing me, setting my path with a vision so clear.

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