Simple as they come, yeah, he thought it with them all.

In love with them he would always easily fall.

Given no rhyme or reason as to why he felt so much.

A glance would get him, a smile too, even more so a touch.

Poor guy was in love with falling in love with each of them all.

Gave all he had to get them, but they never did return his calls.

So alone he’d spend his nights just hoping to come across Ms. Right.

Running dream scenarios in his head while laying in bed every single night.

He hopes to come across her some day soon with all the works and all the glory.

So he can finally live out his dream of being with her; finding his ultimate love story.

About the Author Mr. Boza

The summer of 2019 was when I decided to no longer go through life holding my feelings, my thoughts, and my emotions contained within. I needed a change in life and since I made that decision, life has been so much more liberating. Nowadays my writing helps me express myself in a way that allows me to feel whatever it is that I'm thinking or feeling or even yearning for, pour out and not consume me from within. My work is simple to read, simple to understand, and hopefully is the type of writing that makes someone smile when they read it. Enjoy.

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