The Claim

“Hey, give me your hand, I want to see something.” He requests.

She puts her hand out.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

He looks at her hand.

“I’m trying to measure what size ring I’ll need to buy.” He says.

“Ring? What do you mean ring?” “What are you talking about?” She asks.

“I’m gonna marry you someday, and I’ll need to know your ring size.” He claims.

“We’re not even dating, what makes you think we’ll get married someday?” She asks.

He looks into her eyes.

“I see it in your eyes, that’s what makes me know it’ll happen.” He says.

“See what?” She asks.

“My future.” He says.

She smirks.

“That’s cute, but I don’t think so dear.” She tells him.

He smiles.

“It’s because deep down inside, you know.” He says.




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