Dear Beauty

{Inspired by the 2016 Film, Collateral Beauty}

You live in many places, and yet, we can always find you in the same place when we need too. You appear in people’s eyes, in a smile, in the art we express through our words and actions on a day to day basis in life. The sun rising, setting, shining brightly over the land, you’re there. Snowcapped mountains, the soothing sound of rainfall, you’re there. We can find you in watching somebody achieving their goals. We see you in the innocence of a child. You appear throughout history without any connection between your appearances other than yourself being existent. That’s what you are. The blossoming of love, the rise from a fall, the call of a broken spirit, all are examples of you. The touch of an angel, the realization of hope, you’re in all of it. The moments in life that bring a fresh start, waking up feeling really good, falling in love, discovering who we really are, learning something that one thought they’d never learn, all of it has you involved. Without you, who knows what would become of this world. Actually, I know, it would be ugly. They say you’re all in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder themselves are you. Well-crafted beings, regardless of our flaws or past mistakes, we are you. So thank you for being you and being us and being in us. For being around us, for being, well you know, beautiful.

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