Ch.4: First Date

Thinking about our date all week, Friday couldn’t have arrived soon enough. But when it did, a heavy thunderstorm dampened the entire day. The festival was canceled and rescheduled for Saturday, which was not going to allow us to go since she had to work a late shift. Determined to not let our weekend be ruined though, I invited her to my place for a simple dinner date instead. She agreed and came over around 6pm. She brought some stuff herself thinking it’d be fun to cook dinner together. I agreed in a heartbeat. “Now, I want to show you the key to making this taste like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.” she told me as she added a little seasoning and sauce to our dinner. I made her laugh when I brought up how food can look so good, then be gone once we devour it.” “That’s a unique view of how dinner goes”, she responded. I set the table up for the two of us as she put some final touches to everything. “This is nice.” she said as she looked at me from behind the counter. “What is?” I asked. “What we’re doing right now.” “It feels like this is something we’ve done so many times before.” “I like it.” she said. “Yeah. It’s actually a blessing in disguise this storm.” I said back.

So we put the food on the table and I pulled her seat out so she could sit. “Oh. Thank you. You really are an old fashioned gentleman aren’t you?” “Being a gentleman isn’t an old fashioned concept, it’s just something guys seem to have set aside due to lack of awareness of how truly valuable their women are.” I responded. As I sat down, we noticed that we didn’t have anything to drink at the table. “I’ll get it.” I offered. “What would you like? I have water and iced tea only, seeing how we didn’t plan on being here.” “That’s okay, I’ll be fine with iced tea.” she said. “My kind of woman.” I said with a smile. As we began to eat, I asked her how her day went. She told me it was actually a long day for her and admitted that she was looking forward to our date and wished for the day to go by quickly so we could meet up. “Really?” I said, being absolutely filled with joy inside to know she felt like I did all day. “Yeah, I’ve thought about it all week actually. It’s what made the week go by.” I smiled at her and asked her if she finally felt that spark between us. “Yeah, now I do, and truth be told, I felt it before you mentioned it.” she told me. “I just didn’t want to seem too interested too early as that’s bitten me before.” “I get that, I totally get that.” I told her. And so we ate, talked about all sorts of things, and had a great time despite the last second change of plans.

After we finished eating, I washed the plates, and with the rain still coming down, we sat on the couch and decided to look for something to watch on television. As I handed her a pillow, she asked me if I could turn the heat down a bit or turn it off completely. Confused by the request, I asked her why. “I know I said I get cold really easily, but I love the idea of cuddling up with a blanket on the couch, and so I kind of want it to be a bit cool in here.” “You got it.” I said as I headed towards the thermostat. So we cuddled up on the couch and then realized, that there wasn’t anything interesting that we wanted to watch, so we just decided to talk some more. After a few minutes, she snugged closer to me and said that she’s glad we didn’t get to go to the festival as she felt really comfortable just enjoying each other’s company. “Me too.” I said. I then looked at her and told her how beautiful she looked. “I’m probably the millionth guy to tell you that, but I don’t care.” I added. “Actually, you’re not.” “It’s actually the first time anybody has ever called me beautiful.” she said. “Then nobody has been paying attention and hasn’t deserved to have crossed paths with you.” I said as I stared into her beautiful eyes. “I want to kiss you right now, but I won’t because those lips are too good for me, they deserve more.” I said. “They deserve you, so kiss me.” she responded. So I did.

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