Connection: Houston & New York

It’s funny, up until 2 years ago, the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros never really had any history with each other. Sure, they’d play each other every year since the Astros moved over to the American League, but they were just teams that saw each other 6 or 7 times a year and that was it. The thing that always connected me with the pair though, was that I have been an Astros fan since I was 7, while my dad was a Yankees fan for the longest of times. So anytime they played, it meant more to me because the Yankees were the perennial powerhouse team of Major League Baseball. They only have one World Series title in the last 18 completed seasons, but every year they’re considered a threat to win it, both for the talent they put out on the field and for the fact that they have more money to spend on talent than almost every other team in the league. As you can imagine, me being an Astros fan, seeing them be one of the worst teams for a few years in recent history, anytime they got a chance to play against the Yankees, I’d want them to especially win those games. It was a fun banter full few days every time they played a series, because my dad would always joke about how the Astros couldn’t beat the Yankees. And so, despite the lack of history, the games always were a time to look forward to each year. The thing now though is that I loss my dad a few years ago, and since then the games have lost a little bit of their significance to me. Now, the year after losing my dad, wouldn’t you know it, the Astros became an elite team and ended up facing the Yankees in the American League Championship Series with a trip to the World Series on the line. I thought then what a blast that series would have been to watch with my dad. The back and forth we would have had watching our teams squaring off on such a big stage like never before in their short time as annual opponents. The Astros ended up winning the series and going on to win their first World Series title in franchise history that year. Still to this day a couple years later, I see that as a small blessing from God that eased my pain from seeing what I always wanted while my dad was still with me after he wasn’t. Now, here we are in 2019, just two years later, and here we are about to witness another American League Championship being on the line between the Astros and the Yankees. It’s going to be fun and hopefully the same as last time with the Astros advancing to the World Series, but the fact that I’ll never get to share the moments with my dad gets to me. It never happened until after he was gone which bothers me, but everything happens for a reason. Perhaps it’s a small way that the Good Lord keeps me joyful watching the Astros have success, having them go through my dad’s team as oppose to another. The two teams will never seem like anything more than just two powerhouse franchises, but to me, they’ll always have a connection regardless of when they play or what’s on the line. I know my dad would have loved watching the games with me and would probably be upset to see the Yankees lose, but at the same time would enjoy seeing me celebrating an Astros win like he would for all the years I rooted for them when he was around. But for all the years I didn’t like the Yankees, I can take comfort that if they do win the series this year, I’ll be able to look at it as if the Lord wanted to give me a thought of what my dad would have said watching that happen. I miss my dad every single day and this series will just make me think of him even more, but that’s okay. So let’s go Astros because I’m a Astros fan for life, but the Yankees will always mean something to me too.

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