Ch.3: Phone Call

So I walked home thinking about the amazing date I just unexpectedly had. She was such a genuine pleasure to meet and hopefully know for a long time. I really looked forward to her call and couldn’t get home quick enough as I wanted to settle down before continuing the night we had. Grabbed a taxi and made my way home. “By the plaza my good man”, I cheerfully told the driver. “You seem to be in great mood sir, may I ask, what is her name?” he responded. “How did you know it was a woman that has me in a good mood?” I laughingly asked back. “Where I come from, a man doesn’t have a smile that big unless a woman put it there.” Well, we must be from the same place then, because you’re right.” as I told him her name and about how we just met. “It sounds to me like you may have met your dream woman then.” he said. I thought about it for a second, and yeah, I think I did told him. The drive took about 15 minutes, when he pulled up to my place, he smiled back and said, “You seem like a good man yourself, I’ll tell you what, the drive is on me, go enjoy your night.” I thanked him and got out. When I entered my apartment, I kicked off my shoes, loosened my tie, and then, my phone sounded. It was her. Impeccable timing. Things were just getting off to a great start. I answered with a simple sarcastic, “Hey, it’s been a bit.” She giggled and said, “yeah, a bit too long, to tell you the truth.” “I just got home mere seconds before you called, great timing.” I told her. “Well, I wanted to say how much I enjoyed our impromptu date.” she said. “Yeah, it was really nice and I honestly can’t believe how much considering we just met about an hour and a half ago.” “Well, they say time flies when you’re having fun, but this seems too fast.” she said. We then talked about meeting up again, perhaps this time catching a festival that was coming up. I asked if she’d be working the following Friday night, she said that she wasn’t and so we made the date. The night continued to fly by as we talked for hours. “I’ll head to your place and we can walk to the festival seeing how it’s a few blocks away from your place.” I offered. “That’d be nice, let’s do that.” she agreed. The night went on and we shared some laughs, and got to know a bit more about each other. At about 4 am, yes, that’s right, 4 in the morning, we agreed to call it a night or morning at that point and wished each other a great day and some rest. “I’ll call you in a couple days when I finally wake up.” I joked. She laughed and said that she was going to get her beauty sleep, which I responded to by saying, she should leave that for the ones who actually need it. “Awww, that’s so sweet, but I’m definitely going to need it.” she responded. We said bye to each other and hung up. I got some rest and looked forward to the weekend coming up. A second date was set, my heart was gushing in joy, and I was quickly falling for her, if that wasn’t the case already.

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