Ch.2: Diner

So there we were eating, at a diner, on a date, just like that. We sat there for a minute enjoying our meals, when I asked her if she had eaten there before. “Yeah, I come here about once a week to be honest.” “Oh, so you’re a regular then.” She answered, “yep, I guess so.” “That’s cool, I’ve never been a regular anywhere.” I responded. Continuing with our meals, we smiled at each other and then she asked me what I do for a living. “Me?, I, I am an inspiring writer.” “So you’re unemployed?”, she asked with a chuckle. “No, I can see how my answer would give you that impression though, but I believe that regardless of where I work, I’m a writer.” “I can be in retail, or work at a warehouse or office, and still, I’ll identify myself as a writer.” Seemingly impressed with my response, she smiled with intrigue and asked me what I was writing. “Well, ideally I’d be writing a book, but with life and all of it’s crazy scenarios and time consuming problems, I just write blogs for now.” I answered. It’s nice to know that she responded with another smile. I could tell she wasn’t like others in the past that would subtly mock me or repeat their question of what I work in. “I’d like to read some of your work at some point then.” She said. “It’d be a good conversation for next time.” I responded. Hoping she would accept the request for another dinner. “Next time?, wow, you really feel that spark, don’t you.?” she asked. I answered back, “Yep, I guess so.” She then smiled again, third time’s the charm, and told me that she feels it too. My heart skipped a beat hearing her say that. “So, here’s my number, call me when you’re free.” I said as I handed her a card with my number. “Call or text me later and I’ll put you in my phone.” She asked why I wouldn’t just get her number right there and then. I responded by saying that I rather leave it for something to look forward to later. And also, if she decided that she wasn’t interested afterall, then I could avoid being that guy who calls the girl only to find out she lost interest after thinking about it. “I’ll reach out to you later then, I promise.” she said. “I won’t lose interest, trust me.” she added. A promise and a request to trust her are good enough for me. I smiled, called for the check, and we headed out. I walked with her for a block until we reached her place. “Well, I had a good time, the best time I never planned with a stranger.” I said. She smiled and said she had a good time too. I thought about maybe going for a kiss, but perhaps it was too early, so I didn’t. “I look forward to later then when I hear from you, or get a text from you.” I said. “Good night, get home safely, and have your phone by your side.” she said. “Have a good night as well.” I turned and walked away as she entered her place. So there I was, walking to the nearest bus stop with a big smile on my face. It was a really good night, perhaps the best night in awhile.

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