Ch.1: Bus Stop

I use to roam the streets all by my lonesome self. Just me and my lonesome self, that is until one night early in May. That night, I saw her for the very first of what would become many more times. She was on the bench waiting for the bus to arrive. Her beauty obviously was what drew my attention to her, but also because she was wearing a sweater jacket, despite it being a comfortable night, I’d say around 70 degrees, unusually warm for early May, nonetheless, there she was wearing it. I sat next to her as I was catching the bus as well. I introduced myself, she told me her name, and we talked for a few minutes about the weather. She told me that she loved Spring and was glad that it was a nice night. “So why the sweater jacket?” I asked. “I get cold really easily, I mean I love the warm weather, but it still gives me the chills at times.” I smiled, because it made me think about someone I once knew who was the same way. The bus arrived right on time. We both got up and I extended my arm out in front of her, “ladies first” I said. “Such a gentleman. Nice to know they still exist.” she responded. I shot back “For a lady, anytime.” “So where are you heading anyway?, if you don’t mind me asking.” She said “Was going home. But now I feel like grabbing a bite to eat. Care to join me?” “I’d like that”, as we smiled at each other. This was going to be fun, I knew it right there and then. We talked for about 4 stops, before getting down to grab a bite at a small diner. Wondering how people got to where they are when I meet them is kind of my thing, so I asked her what she did for a living. “I’m a nurse.” taking her jacket off and revealing the scrub top she was wearing. “Interesting, I pegged you as a nurse in my mind just now, seeing just how sweet you seem.” I told her. “Well, you must be good at reading people then.” “Nah, just those I feel a spark with.” I responded. “A spark?” “really, already?” she asked. “Yeah, don’t you feel it?” I asked back. “Maybe, let’s see how this impromptu date goes first.”

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