Beautiful Moment 2

Seek first his kingdom and righteousness.”, You see Hoppy, if you ask God, he’ll help you find carrots.” That’s what Cameron was telling his pet bunny one time when I saw him in the patio reading. He’s very much into the Bible, and he wants Hoppy to go to heaven and meet all of his family members too. I love my little guy, he’s so genuine and I’m so blessed that he knows the true values at such a young age. Credit goes to my wife for reading to him from before he was ever even born. It’s why I knew she was going to make a great mother and why I knew the moment I met her that she was the type of woman I wanted to have in my life. Which has been pretty good to me to this point. Sure, I’ve had dark times in my past, with hurts and losses that made me question things. Losing my dad was the toughest moment I ever faced. The number of times I fell for someone, only to eventually see them disappear from my life, or the number of friends that also eventually became just pieces of my past. Yeah, life has won it’s fair share of battles, but right now, I’m in a good place. My wife and mother to my children, my angel of a daughter Adrena Lyn, and my little guy Cameron, are all the loves of my life that I had hoped for and then some for so long. The fact that every time I wake up and have the first vision of my day being my beautiful wife is enough to motivate me from the start. Add to that, hearing Adrena Lyn and Cameron laughing in the kitchen, as I hear cereal being poured into bowls, just makes me so grateful for what I have been blessed with. They get along so well. Cameron looks after his sister so much and she looks up to him already, which just melts my heart. My wife and I get up and head towards the kitchen just in time to see Cameron struggling with the full gallon of milk. “Let me get that Cammy.” says my wife. I asked him how he was even able to reach the milk. He tells me that he asked Hoppy for jumping lessons. The wise guy, he gets that from me I suppose though. We sit and have breakfast together. I ask Cameron to say grace prior to eating. He loves to do so. He thanks the Lord for the cereal and for the fact that it’s a Saturday because I don’t have to work. He then asks the Lord to put it in my heart to take him and Adrena Lyn to the park later before remembering to ask for Hoppy to be blessed too. As we start to eat, he looks at me and says, “So, about that trip to the park, can we go?” Absolutely I answered him. He and Adrena Lyn high five each other in excitement. The joy in them makes me smile from ear to ear. My wife then tells them that we’ll make it a picnic and they can help her prepare the basket to which they high five each other again. Adrena Lyn then says “the park and a picnic?, can this day get any better?” In my head I’m thinking as I look at all of them, nope. It can’t.

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