Life’s Golden Heirloom

When the feelings grow, when they start to bloom

we see the first of what we know as life’s golden heirloom.

When the hearts sync, when they begin to lose the lonely gloom

That’s a sign of the arrival of life’s golden heirloom.

We don’t know when it will come.

We don’t where it will go.

But when we come across it,

that’s, that’s when we’ll know.

Our own little personal space finds more room

to make way for that which is life’s golden heirloom.

Our sense of fear, regret, anger, or even our sense of doom

disappear when we see even a glimpse of life’s golden heirloom.

Yes, it can spring from anywhere at anytime.

No, we don’t have a choice in regards for whom it appears.

However, we can rest assure that it indeed resides within us all

So when it does come and it will, we know it will last for all of our years.

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