Dream 3

In my dream last night we were united,

I consoled you, and in me you confided.

You were so sad you started to cry,

So I held you in my arms, till every tear was dry.

A true loving feeling, one we both felt.

As you leaned on my chest, my heart began to melt.

How close we got in such a special moment,

that when I awoke, it felt like torment.

You didn’t want a puzzle, and didn’t want a maze,

just a man who’d be there for the rest of your days

I trusted you, but not fully myself, not in my heart

but then you looked at me, and all doubt fell apart.

You came to me in my dream last night,

a future was in the making about to take flight.

Though the fleeting dream now has made you a memory,

you found a place in my heart, and that’s where you’ll always be.

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