I want you to know that if I ever, for even one second, make you question whether I love you, I’d know I failed to live up to my promise. My promise to you, my promise I made to myself the moment I realized who you were. To never let myself slip and make you feel like you’re going down the road with the wrong person. All I ever ask of you is to make me the same promise. Life will hit us hard at times, we’re both wise enough to know that. But to know that we’ll never have to go through the roughest times in life alone is something we need to be able to lean on. We will argue, we will shut each other out over things that, in the long run, won’t even be worth remembering. Still though, let us not lose sight of why we began the journey to begin with. Why we decided during the course of our lives, that moment when we first knew, when we caught a glimpse of our future, to hold each other dear and move forward. Our walk down the aisle was not just a ceremony for us to profess our love, it was the first steps to a life together without the safety of being able to just end things between us without consequences. This path we’re on, it’s up to us to make it as long as possible. What the road ahead holds, who knows. But side by side, you and me will face it head on. No one I rather go on it with than you. All the times in our pasts that left us wondering if this road was just closed to us, not allowing us to go down this path, made us stronger. They set us up to find each other and to finally know that it wasn’t closed off, it was just under construction. Here we are now, and it couldn’t be anymore perfect for us to live. A life full of ups and downs awaits and though we’ve been bruised along the way, we know now that we have each other which is the ultimate cure to our pain. I’ll forever love you and no matter what happens, you will always be my first and only love, now and forever. Regardless of what feelings any of us have had for others in our past, this is the first time they’re for real.

Love Ivan

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