My Snow Angel

There I was trying to start the car on a freezing snowy day, when my wife walked out of the house all bundled up. She had her big puffy jacket, a scarf, snow cap, and her jacket hood up. All I could see was her beautiful eyes. As she made her way to the car, I noticed two things. The first, that she had dropped her gloves on the walkway, so I opened the window, and let her know. She picked them up and came towards the car. The second thing I noticed was so incredible despite already being married to her and knowing how much I loved her. I looked at her and noticed that I loved her even more in that moment. Seeing her in the snow, covered up, freezing but making her way to the car. When she got inside, I just smiled at her. She asked me what I was smiling about. I told her, “The idea of how much I truly love you.” She gave me that smirk she does, and gave me a kiss. “That’s so sweet, I love you so much too.”, she said. As we waited for the car to warm up, the radio began to play this song I had never heard, but the lyric was “if it wasn’t for you, my love would’ve been but a thought, but since I met you its had a source to supply it to a lot.” We just smiled at each other and simultaneously quipped, “it’s like the radio knew what kind of moment we just had.” To me, that’s love, I don’t care what anyone says. Call it corny, cheesy, or any other food related mockery you want, but it won’t change my mind. Anyway, as we made our way about town, I kept looking to my side to catch a glimpse of her, realizing that all those years of waiting for the right one to come my way, that she had not only arrived, but was more than what I even expected. I mean I tend to over romanticize things but even I was so positive that this was what I wanted and ten times more. That night my love for her grew, never imagined it was possible. To death do us part has no bearing, because even death wouldn’t diminish my love for her. She is my heart from now to eternity.

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