Again In Heaven

Three years ago today I laid my dad to rest. As I left the funeral home prior to leaving for the cemetery, I kissed my fingers and placed them on his heart. To be voided of his presence until the day we meet again in heaven. As I broke down and walked away, I looked back one last time, before the coffin was closed and I told him, the Yankees play at 10pm versus the Angels. I would always tell him what time and who they were playing so he’d know when to tune in. The Angels, the irony, as he was now among them. That night as I watched the beginning of the game, his favorite player made an incredible play to keep the Angels from scoring. I instantly looked up and knew what just happened. I know he’s at peace now and we’ll meet again, but obviously my life hasn’t been the same since. Not one day has gone by where I don’t think about him. Every night before I go to bed, I look at his picture I have above my doorway and say goodnight to him. How I wish he was still around so we could talk. To hear his laugh and just see him. I miss you Pa and will always cherish our 30 years together despite feeling it wasn’t enough. My memories will last until my final breath and we meet again in heaven.

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