Beautiful Moment 1

The greenest patch of grass that we could grow, flowers that my love planted in the corner, and a small water fountain that we thought would look nice as the centerpiece of our yard. A beautiful sight that never ceases to bring a big smile to my face. Not as big though as our heart, Adrena Lyn, brings when she comes running out of the house with a bottle of bubbles in her hand. “Daddy, daddy, can we blow bubbles into the sky?” she asks. “Of course sweetie.” I reply. It’s her favorite thing to do especially when it’s a beautiful day. My wife tells her that she wants to blow bubbles too, to which Adrena replies, “okay, you can go first, then me, then daddy.” Usually the case, but it’s okay because she gives me a hug and a kiss first when we put her to bed as her means of evening things out. Such a genuinely sweet soul that we were blessed with.

Likewise, as the bubbles get blown into the blue sky, and my 2 beauties share a moment with a gigantic bubble, I thank the Lord for blessing me with this life. A nice home, great careers, a gorgeous yard, and of course, our heart Adrena Lyn.

Yep, it’s not always perfect, but nothing in life is, but it’s definitely a contender in my eyes. Two beautiful souls to exchange love and share life with is a dream come true. A dream that looked bleak at times in life, but faith never let me down. “It’s your turn to blow the bubbles daddy.” Adrena giggled as she handed me the bubble wand. “Okay, let’s hope a lot of bubbles come out.” So I took my turn and Adrena jumped in excitement as she yelled, “you did it, you did it!” She then started to pop the bubbles with her precious little fingers, so adorable. I lifted her up and gave her a big hug telling her how much I loved her. She said it back and that she loved mommy too. A beautiful moment that seemed like it shouldn’t exist with the amount of joy that engulfed me but it did.

Life can be hard to deal with at times, but with the Good Lord and my 2 loves by my side, I say bring it. Cloud nine may be the proverbial high point, but man, this life is close to being a perfect ten.

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