Work for a cause not for applause.

Live life to express not to impress.

Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.

My cause is to honor God by doing the best job I can at whatever job I am tasked to do. My family’s name, by being a genuinely trusting and loving person to those around me. What I express, my gratitude to God for all the people who have been so kind to me in life. Looking back, I’ve been blessed with being treated with kindness and support from SO many people, whether it be family, old friends, teachers, co-workers, fellow believers, even the strangers I come across at work. Now, not all people from my past have been as kind, but I thank God that I’m maturing with each of those experiences learning something about myself and more importantly about trusting Him, who is teaching me something in all those conflicts. Now I must admit, I struggle with the last, making my prescence felt, as I constantly feel like I’m being observed by those around which makes me doubt at times whether subconciously I’m going about doing things as a mean to impress and get that applause or if I am on the right track with the right purpose afterall. I don’t know if my abscence has ever been felt, that’s only known by those who I’ve come across, but I’d hope so because it would mean I’ve done something right for any of them, if even for a moment they wished I was present. Anywho, I close with a quote I heard MLB Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr say, who when asked about how or for what he’d like to be remembered, answered, “Just being remembered at all would be an honor.”

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