Kept On Rattling Inside

On the gram I was bold; I was a straight-up warrior.

But in the battlefield, I was one nervous little soldier.

You were a story I wanted as a part of my life, of that I’m sure.

Only I never found the words to say whether in church or in Baltimore.

Your eyes got my attention, their beauty a hook.

In person though, they were a quake. Had me all rattled and shook.

Like they did for me, I hope they’re easing someone’s internal pain.

If not though, I’m sure in the end they’ll have some guy singing in the rain.

Now my feeble attempts have come and gone, yeah it’s been a bit.

That story has been written and read, that sweater’s been sown and knit.

Still though, I hope it entertained you, even if only in a brief strange way.

And though it’s a day early, I’d like to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

So here’s to another year of life, fill it with whatever puts you at peace.

While making sure the pursuit of love and joy never begins to cease.

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