The Heart’s Season: Summer

A push from blood to earn cash led me into your path.

Life would never be the same from that point.

As spring, time went by, and as spring again, not too much time.

I wanted your thoughts on a matter, one that ironically led me to you.

A closed-door swung open with you on the other side.

Romeo & Juliet was in the curriculum at the time, how ironic.

Eyes on one with a vision that only cleared until we connected.

A batch of fruits and vegetables scented the scene of my admission.

It wasn’t the whole truth though, but it was enough to clear my mind a bit.

Time continued to go by, but the words couldn’t be mustered.

A heavy heart eventually appeared, yet still no words.

You were the one that got away or went away I guess, to this point at least.

Forever locked in the past, but a memory now.

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